Best App for Keeping Notes

4 years ago from Amisadaí Segura, Visual Designer at Honeywell Aerospace

  • Or Arbel, 4 years ago

    iOS native notes app

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    • Adam Fisher-CoxAdam Fisher-Cox, 4 years ago

      This - I've never found any use case that moves me away from the native answer. It's well done, continues to get better, and requires no new accounts or company relationships.

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    • Mark Lamb, 4 years ago

      It's pretty rock solid. The ability to insert a sketch with Apple pencil is cool, and they just announced some new features in iOS 13 :)

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    • Emil Edeholt, 4 years ago

      I totally love it as well. After years with different notes apps I think notes have the perfect balance between low cognitive load and still being able to do the job.

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    • John MauroJohn Mauro, 4 years ago

      If only they would remove the textured background and have an infinite x-y canvas when drawing. :)

      It is pretty great though.

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