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over 3 years ago from Brandon Durham, Senior Interactive Designer / Developer with Hoefler & Co.

  • James Young, over 3 years ago

    I guess this will have been user tested a lot and that I evidently browse for fonts in a different way but there's a couple of things I like to do when browsing for new stuff.

    1. Enter my own block of text and apply it to all the fonts so I can get a feel for how my own website content would look rather than a wordy description of each font and weight.

    2. I'd like to view just one font weight in a family at the initial scanning phase as the visual noise of some families that have several weights means I'm having to scroll past lots of stuff I don't want and it make comparing very difficult when your screen is full of a single family.

    3. It would also be nice to set a slightly smaller minimum font size on the selector too

    On the font selection page, I really like the view when you click to select the ones you want and it shows you the styles included in your purchase. That's really nicely done.

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