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4 years ago from Riho Kroll, Lead UI/UX Designer

  • Matthew O'ConnorMatthew O'Connor, 4 years ago

    How about making up/downvote weighted based on the user voting.

    E.G. more karma = higher weight on a vote. So if a post has 10 ups and 10 downs, but the 10 ups were from high karma users, and the downs were from new accounts, the post would show 0, but rate higher in the backend.

    E.G.2 Downvotes are weighted 0 (or close to it) until the user has more karma.

    E.G. A user (bot) that just downvotes without upvoting, or has an overly negative proportion gets weighted down.

    Just some ideas, as I don't believe every vote should be counted equally. Youtube have recently been talking about how their trending page works and they give each video a "temperature" that scores the video on the speed that it's gaining engagement and then ranks the videos on that. Therefore the highest viewed video isn't the highest rated, but the one gaining traction quickest.

    P.S. Please can you fix the comment box! It's like less than 3 lines tall and not expandable (at least for me).

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