• Nadia SOTNIKOVA, almost 4 years ago

    I'm not 40+, I'm a contract UX designer in my 20s, but I'd like to understand why this is a problem, so I can think ahead. Here are my questions to all of the experienced designers here:

    1) Is getting into leadership more beneficial than being a great experienced designer creating outstanding products? I feel like I'd love to keep designing my whole life. Maybe it'll change.

    2) My current plan is saving for my own (hopefully early) retirement. Currently at 26 I only have 2 years worth of living expenses saved, but hopefully by around 45 or so I'll have enough savings and investments to not worry about any work at all, even though I think I'll keep creating after that too.

    Do most of people rely on the government for a pension, and why?

    Thank you! I really hope to gain more insight into what's waiting for me in the future. :D

    For the context, I'm a soon-to-be citizen of Poland, so I'm in EU, and I work remotely for US/Canada/Western Europe.

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