• Siniša ŠašićSiniša Šašić, almost 4 years ago

    The problem with design is that a lot of it still relies on trends rather than on the timeless principles of design, which casues the entire industry to think they need to revolve around “youth” energy (read: fashion). However, I believe there is a huge transformation in the world of design going on where the “celebrity” designers will no longer be important, but rather the TEAMS of designers will. Therefore, I honestly don’t believe any old designer should worth less than a young one, on the contrary. Of course, it will still depend on how you present yourself, how well you can communicate your values as a designer (not just shipping off your eye candy portfolio and hope for the best). Design role is changing, and the fusion with business, strategy, systems thinking is already in progress.

    Having that in mind, I believe planning a pension shouldn’t be THAT much different than any other retirement planning, excluding maybe the state/institution jobs which are understandably more stable and predictable.

    Also, bear in mind that USA and e.g. Norway where I currently live are nowhere near in comparison when it comes to retirement. Nordics have a completely different model of public services that is much more generous than North America’s (yeah, you pay shit ton of taxes, but then you don’t think about retirement that much).

    I’m Senior UX Designer / Digital Product Designer, age 39 now, been doing it since 2004.

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