• Mike Wilson, over 4 years ago

    there are fewer older people in the tech industry right now, because it has risen up quite quickly

    So you think the progression of technology is going to start slowing down? That goes contrary to everything we know.

    People have this false idea that the world pre-internet and post-internet was some big dividing line...and it was just a bunch of "lazy" people who couldn't make the jump. But the tech industry has always been there, making progress and steadily changing every year (in design think of the changes from metal typesetting > phototypesetting > desktop publishing > websites > skeuomorphic interactive web apps > flat design mobile apps > ??). And the rate at which this is happening is increasing.

    It's cognitive dissonance to think, "Sure, I don't work with any old people now, but everything will be different when I'm older! I'm special and will be able to keep up, unlike my lazy grandparents!"

    Personally, I'm investing a large portion of my income as I don't want to place of the burden of supporting me on my children or other people. In the tech industry, we make more money than most people do. My feeling is, to not save and invest given that, is foolish.

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