• Paul Bunyar, over 4 years ago

    I'm a late bloomer. I didn't start until I was 30. Now I'm 58. About 22 years of my career have been working on two different in-house teams. Good stuff. Good hours. Good benefits.

    I am presently trying to add more and more digital skills to my tool set. I'm just getting started — in html, css, UI, animation.

    I hope to move from where I am now to either another in-house position or with a firm that can use my abilities in collaboration with others. I expect this could mean a pay cut since I am presently a novice in some areas.

    Management? That's not for me. I really like working with others and for others. But my skills are better suited to actually designing rather than directing/promoting/growing a team.

    As I get older, if I'm unable to find a permanent position, I expect I will do contract/temp work through an agency of some sort.

    I'm on my second marriage. I told my present wife before we got married that graphic designers don't retire, they just do fewer projects. I plan to stick to that. So…

    Exit strategy: death. [But I believe I still have several years to run.]

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