• Jan SemlerJan Semler, almost 4 years ago

    I am 39 years old and working since i was 14 years old in the design industry have seen a lot and can do nearlly everything from print products, packaging (studied packaging design), animations, videos and even music. I produced music since i was 14 as well as hip hop was turning over here in germany, graffiti was also a huge part. From the beginning i was programming flash websites and did animations in flash and shortly after that i created first music videos in Premiere and After Effects. Since 2000 i created websites and brochures for clients while studying. Since 2007 i was totally in Interfaces till this day and have written a 500 pages book about App Design.

    Currently i am in 3D. Since 2010 i was using cinema 4D here and there but will digg deeper when my new computer is there since 3D stuff relies heavy on hardware and will try to have a solid step into unity. I think that AR and VR is the next evolution in the digital industry and therefore i want to help creating 3D contents and Videos as well as interfaces for it. My approach is to learn new stuff till my retirement. But i guess i will be never in retirement because i love to be creative with all sort of stuff. Currently i am working on an music album, because i stopped making music by 2007 and was going back doing it in 2017 and want to try to establish myself as an musician and artist in the future. My Vision is to create nice videos and music while having a decent living with it and creating designs for high profile clients here and there.

    As a Note i am a freelancer and really happy with it. I couldn‘t imagine working on the same place and doing the same stuff i did like brochures or other print stuff everyday in hope of getting a better step on the ladder.

    I have also a tip for you which my help you understand how designs jobs are may be in the future, just read the book: Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro, you will find it here, when i was Reading it it was an eye opener for me, here we go: Design is a Job

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