• Yigit PinarbasiYigit Pinarbasi, almost 4 years ago

    Well, I'm 30 and I've started to think what's my goal for the near future (40 is not that far away). I'm currently working as a UI/Product Designer for an agency after 2 years of freelancing. I can see some younger lads with 3-4 years of experience are working as design leads and it's kinda hard to find a role for me in an agency with 9 years of experience and a good portfolio. I can clearly say that I have a nice one because I had the chance to work with the biggest companies in my country to every designer admits to having those projects in their CVs.

    I'm thinking to join a mid-level startup as a remote or full-time design lead and help to grow, grow with together for years and share my experience with my colleagues. Let's see how it goes for me.

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