• . h, 4 years ago

    Well, I am not an expert on this, but if you're going to have daily updates, maybe a static site generator won't be that good, because you actually need to deploy it everytime you update your content. Unless you have some CI/CD things going on. CMIIW.

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    • Tiny Machine, 4 years ago

      You'd think using a static site generator for a site with frequent updates would be a pain, but SSG-based sites (especially Hugo-based ones) can be quick and painless to build and deploy, daily or even more frequently.

      With many (most?) webhosts you can transfer files over SSH, so setting up a script to deploy your site over SSH (using rsync, for example) can make deployment simple. Even better, as you suggest, is a continuous integration setup. As a designer, I thought this would be really complicated to set up, but it can be really easy with services like Netlify. Here are their instructions for setting up automatic building and deploying every time you commit changes to your remote Git repo.

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