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over 4 years ago from Luís Monteiro, Design Director at Pixelmatters

  • Marcel M., over 4 years ago

    Nice work on the details and preview images, although it still feels a little templatey (like wordpress template based) to me. sorry didn't read the blog post. The slightly rotated/skewed edges on the hero image didn't work for me, maybe it's to subtle and just feels off. My brain got confused and wanted this to stop :D

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    • Luís Monteiro, over 4 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Yes, the blog post mentions just that. We wanted the Project detail page to be thought and executed as an extremely simple "template", as we found over the years one of the hardest things was to keep our Projects up-to-date due to the effort it took to generate each case study (among client work, etc)

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