Portfolio Decks: Yay or Nay?

over 4 years ago from Du Hoang, UX/UI Designer

  • Darren Krape, over 4 years ago

    This is my experience, both from interviewing other designers and applying for roles myself.

    When I'm applying for roles, I certainly like having a prepared portfolio desk to go through for several reasons: It helps guide the conversation better than going through a less structured website, I can focus attention much more strongly on specific elements/screens/points, and (importantly) it works offline and is very reliable across computers, connections, etc.

    When I'm involved in hiring, I generally find designers that have spent the time to do a dedicated deck have a better portfolio review for the reasons I noted above.

    Of course, these tools will suit different people in different ways, so I certainly don't think my approach is the only, or even best.

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