How do you find candidates for user testing?

4 years ago from Stevie E, Co-founder of

  • Zsolt KZsolt K, 4 years ago

    Exact same reason I built PingPong: and also have 11k+ people from the UK.

    Nice design and concept by the way.

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    • Stevie EStevie E, 4 years ago

      Love your site - it's beautiful.

      So many questions, lol. Your concept is great, but I'd like to find users to come in for in-person testing.

      Would you be up for a chat offline? I'd be fascinated to find out more about you and how you started. Thanks

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      • Zsolt KZsolt K, 4 years ago

        Thank you. Sure, happy to chat, although I'm not in the UK :)

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