Portfolio Decks: Yay or Nay?

over 4 years ago from Du Hoang, UX/UI Designer

  • Du HoangDu Hoang, over 4 years ago

    Portfolio decks are more than just PDFs of your portfolio. It has more biographical information about you, your interests, what you studied, if you took a gap year to travel, etc.

    And also how you can contribute to X company in Y ways. So it is sales-y, and I've seen similar things on Twitter as threads.

    I wonder if it works, and whether to adopt that practice.

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    • Account deleted over 4 years ago

      I do have two versions of my portfolio. One is with the content you've mentioned and the other one is for presentation mostly visuals. I do send out the one with the information if I'm not presenting my works. While presenting I'd prefer to tell the content instead of displaying, also can show my works under NDA -which I can show but can't share.

      Maybe it's me but it still sounds the same. If you're just sharing a PDF it should have the content you've mentioned. If you're not, no need to include the picture of your school's building while presenting. Presentations are boring for everyone it should be kept simple and to the point.

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