• Drew RiosDrew Rios, over 10 years ago

    I think about it all the time, did i really need to obtain a degree to be where i am today? I've gone back and forth on it but i think what it comes down to is not necessarily the curriculum or the school you went to, but the environment and mindset of thinking of design. By seeking a degree in design i was put in an environment of design curiosity and really delved into the world. They drove my curiosity and ambition to learn more and better myself.

    As a student i never really felt the program measured up. I learned what was new and happening in the real world while my older professors taught us Flash. If only they could have seen that it was going no where.

    As a director i definitely would hire anyone who had a grasp of design in their portfolio, no formal education needed at all. Those kinds of designers genuinely seek to learn and understand design on their own and i value that more than 4 years of mandatory bullshit projects and classes.

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