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over 4 years ago from Aloke Pillai, Pastel

  • Yasen DimovYasen Dimov, over 4 years ago

    OK guys, am I missing something?

    $99/mo is rather steep for what I see...

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    • Aloke Pillai, over 4 years ago

      Hey Yasen. Co-founder here. It's $25/mo for single users, $99/mo for small teams. We just added the ability to comment on images, so if you don't use the prototyping features on Invision and just the commenting, Pastel replaces Invision for you and consolidates feedback on both static designs and interactive websites. Did you get a chance to see the product in action?

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      • Yasen DimovYasen Dimov, over 4 years ago

        Hey Aloke,

        Thanks for the response. I haven't delved deeply in the product, however, hear me out (I'm looking at this as a small/medium team member):

        I have the strongest of feelings that more than $1K per year for a tool that only provides feedback is quite insane.

        Again, I might be missing something groundbreaking here.

        Good luck!

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      • Clarissa H., over 4 years ago

        I'm not a fan of Invision's offerings but they are also $25/mo for unlimited projects and offer tons more functionality than just commenting.

        I will have to try the interactive website commenting, typically my team just comments on designs in Figma or takes screenshots of the live site and posts that in Figma.

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