Maze 2.0 | Go from prototype to UX report in minutes(

over 4 years ago from Jonathan Widawski, CEO at

  • Jonathan WidawskiJonathan Widawski, over 4 years ago

    Hey everyone! Jonathan here, co-founder at Maze.

    On March 7th, Maze marked its first anniversary. During the past twelve months, our primary goal was to make user testing easy and available to everyone.

    Maze 2.0 delivers on that promise better than ever.

    Here’s what’s new: unlimited collaborators, tester credits, an instantly generated report with all your user testing results, and more!

    We want Maze to be the research platform that helps you test and validate design ideas before jumping into development. We believe that user testing data should be at the center of any design choice.

    We also have exciting things coming in the upcoming year:

    • Rich testing: ask questions, ratings, SUS and much more during the Maze process
    • Multiple paths: create multiple success paths for your missions
    • Custom report: choose how you want data to be displayed before sharing your report
    • New prototyping tools integrations
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