• Ryan Hicks, over 4 years ago

    Designing is a form of communication.

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    • Matthew O'ConnorMatthew O'Connor, over 4 years ago

      I'm discussing the statement made in the article. Which I believed was an odd point made in a paragraph that can be summed up by "design is primarily a job of talking to people".

      Again you don't need to be good at communicating to be a designer. An autistic person who designs an app for themself - whilst communicating with no one - is a designer. That disability come with inherent lack of communications skills, and this setup of working for ones self also requires no communications skills. But they are a designer if they design something.

      So when someone tells me "Without good communication skills, you can’t truly call yourself a designer", I'm going to say you can.

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    • Daniel MarquesDaniel Marques, over 4 years ago

      The product you are designing needs to do the communication. In a simple sense: You can design a great poster for an event that captures attention, conveys the details and people feel emotion without you being a great communicatior on your own and in a social fashion.

      Although it helps, not denying that.

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      • Account deleted over 4 years ago

        what that means you imply that introverts can't design products. am I correct?

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        • Daniel MarquesDaniel Marques, over 4 years ago

          No, the opposite.

          I am saying that communication skills are not essential to designing good products. They help, but not essential.

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