Don’t get clever with login forms(

almost 5 years ago from Sam Solomon, Staff Product Designer at Salesloft

  • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, almost 5 years ago

    Mostly agree, but a couple of things I think aren't entirely fair.

    Logins in modals are fine if the login button is not hidden in a dropdown or menu and the modal is accessible via a URL. In that context there are no extra steps as described.

    I haven't used the Slack magic-link in a bit, but if I remember correctly it does not send you a temporary password, instead it sends you a temporary link that logs you in automatically. So while I agree it's annoying to go to your email just to login, once you've done that it's a lot simpler than described in the article. You just click the link.

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    • Ryan Duffy, almost 5 years ago

      Not to mention... it’s easy to have a login modal and a dedicated login page. Modal being the main driver.

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    • Andrew C, almost 5 years ago

      Magic link is amazing. All enterprise software should use it. Especially if they require special character in passwords for security theatre bs.

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      • Account deleted almost 5 years ago
        • the point saying it pushes you to like get out of the website / product and might distract you by browsing your email is not super logical.. most websites are asking to confirm your email address by opening an email.. so it's not a real problem
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        • Andrew C, almost 5 years ago

          I mean maybe? But I'm usually trying to accomplish something when I need to log in quickly. Usually it's to screenshare and because I don't often use the slack desktop app I have to re-cred it. Magic link makes that awesome.

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    • Ricky SalsberryRicky Salsberry, almost 5 years ago

      Slack has the magic link — but some sites send you a one-time code you have to paste. Sort of forced two-factor authentication. It's definitely tedious, but I imagine ultimately more secure. I'd put up with it for my bank, but not for some things.

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