Invision bought Trunk and closes it(

almost 5 years ago from Tomas Anthony, Product Designer

  • Radley MarxRadley Marx, almost 5 years ago

    Are any companies using Figma? Companies w/ more than 5 designers and/or more than one design team?

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    • John Williams, almost 5 years ago

      According to Figma's last blog, Uber's whole team is using Figma.

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    • Miguel Solorio, almost 5 years ago

      Our design team at Microsoft has been using it exclusively for the past two years. We also have a few thousand users across the company using it.

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    • JayO ★, almost 5 years ago

      Yes, Org company here. 10 designers on the paid account plus our entire engineering team, QA, PMs....all on the free account.

      Through my vetting process I talked to at least 3 other directors/vps/managers from some pretty well known names in product tool land who also plan on making the same move.

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