almost 5 years ago from Wes O'Haire, Product Designer at Dropbox. Previously Hudl

  • Ridwan SanusiRidwan Sanusi, almost 5 years ago

    Crazy how most that criticized this idea talk about how “divisive” the platform is. Guess what y’all, we live in a very divisive society already. Hence, the need for these platforms (for disenfranchised groups).

    When you say this idea will further divide us, you have to explain how. Also, you have to offer your own idea to solve the already existing divisiveness or tell us how you are, in your daily life, helping to get unheard voices heard and leading an inclusive life. Maybe one or two more people can learn and pay it forward.

    If you can’t offer any of this, with all due respect, shut the F up and stop getting in the way.

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