almost 5 years ago from Wes O'Haire, Product Designer at Dropbox. Previously Hudl

  • Joey Prijs, almost 5 years ago

    Wait.. you can nominate people to be on this list? That's a bit scary.. Do you approach people before you add them (guessing most people don't want to be associated with a site that literally puts people in a box)?

    Edit: Just saw it's opt-out... That's crazy (and most likely illegal in Europe...).

    Also, are these sites designed by the same person or are the people who make these sites just lazy?

    Edit: I like the idea and shared it with some friends, just commenting on the execution.

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    • Chad Thornton, almost 5 years ago

      Curious why you would think embracing consistency = laziness. If a designer establishes useful patterns, why not re-use those?

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