The all-new Kirby 3.0(

over 4 years ago from Jonathan Simcoe, Co-Founder → A Kids Book About

  • Johannes Neumeier, over 4 years ago

    Nice examples, especially your own shop. I've just glanced over the Kirby docs, but presumably you could hook up or code a custom cart and checkout system to an virtual Kirby endpoint? Presumably now the /buy page is still Kirby and then just integrates with that 3rd party payment service?

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    • Bastian Allgeier, over 4 years ago

      There are many ways to solve this. You could create your own cart and order system with Kirby, but that would require quite some custom dev work. There are services like Snipcart that make this a lot easier though. For our own license shop, we use Paddle.

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