What do you look for in a note taking app?

almost 5 years ago from Marc Perel, Thought Train

  • Darren Treat, almost 5 years ago

    I always felt like many to-do apps were kinda just lists of places where tasks go to die, it's one of those things where they were for 'To-Do list people'.

    I would love a design that gives me a method the way described in 'Make Time' (book). with a few tweaks.

    Simple 'single task of the day' highlighting: basically a Star option but make it much more aggressive with different colors and font size.

    Automatic backlog management and removal: Give me the option to start every morning clean with nothing on it but have a menu to optionally pull over old tasks that never got done, ordered chronologically. This is important as it is great to start with a clean slate every day and the To-do list should be something you can put set time and priority to rather than a backlog of month-old items. Also let me define recurring tasks in this mode, a highlighted task should not be recurring by default.

    Task timing: Let me set a timer to finish a task with the ticker in the menu bar next to the name of the task, this helps focus as a clock is ticking. Make it fast and easy to use, don't be afraid to just give exponential-like numbers for minutes 5 > 15 > 30 > 60 > 90

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    • Marc Perel, almost 5 years ago

      Darren I really like these suggestions, I may pick to auto clear daily first, and work the other options into further releases, especially the count down timer, that's a super idea.

      Adding to this I think that so many note-apps try and replace other apps, I don't think Thought Train is like that , Thought Train's here to assist your workflow.

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    • Pol KuijkenPol Kuijken, almost 5 years ago

      If you're looking for something GTD-like: Sunsama and Microsoft To-Do are both pretty great.

      Microsoft To-Do is mainly about putting all your todos in neatly organized lists. Then, at the beginning of your day you can choose what you pull in.

      Sunsama is similar but it's more like a todolist layed out over a timeline. Every task you just add to any day (today or future). Tasks you didn't finish today automatically get carried over to tomorrow. There's also a backlog for things you don't want to schedule yet.

      Based on your comment I think you'd like Microsoft To-Do (due to starting every day fresh), but it's worth giving both a shot.

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