• Noukka SigneNoukka Signe, over 4 years ago

    I work in a rather large company, and we work in feature teams. So if I'm in our test version of the app (which will have updates before the public version) and it's not our feature or a team close to me, I give feedback through the app. We have a shake to give feedback with a screenshot that you can draw on - That gets turned into JIRA tickets for the right team. If it's a team I'm close with, I usually walk by, tell the situation and Slack them a screenshot. If it's my team, I mention it to the team, then create a JIRA ticket with the appropriate link to the screen if it's a design thing (we use Abstract). If it's a bug, it either gets picked up because it's critical or turned into a JIRA ticket. We have weekly "small fix" sessions where a lot of these tickets get picked up. I've recently learned how to do copy changes myself so now I can help out with some things :D

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