• Selv GrimmSelv Grimm, over 4 years ago

    I make a strong coffee/tea, and with the mug in hand walk into the part of the office where developers build their nests. Those of them that notice me take a deep breath and turn their gaze away, hoping I did not arrive with something for them specifically. As I move by their desks, I look for the one/team responsible for the project in question. I take a chair, sit down and start with "there is a fuckup".

    First I ask "Why?". Then I ask "How long?"

    Then I say "Ok, I'm going to put it on the to-do list with the proper priority. Let me know how's it going".

    And after a while, I get a ping on slack that it's done.

    Or one of them comes by my desk and says that it can't be done. At that point, we start the Kove'noth ritual, which is standing in the middle of the developers part of the office and scream what the problem is. Devs are very competitive and nothing brings them more joy than being able to solve a problem deemed unsolvable by another dev.

    This system haven't failed me yet.

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