• Marcos Medina, almost 5 years ago

    Can you be a UX designer without coding?

    Absolutely. UX design—in my personal experience (pun intended)—requires no coding in order to build flows, concepts, and wireframes. You’ll be designing the paths the users can go through, therefore pen and paper is enough for the first steps of the process.

    Once you apply the UI layer to those designs, tools such as Sketch and InVision will help you create more realistic prototypes. But if you want to build something more precise with specific animations and interactions you might want to use something like Framer, and in that moment any knowledge about coding you have would come in hand.

    I have been working as an in-house Product Designer for the past 8 years. And for the most part of those I haven't used any of my coding. That being said, it won't hurt knowing how to code, it would definitely give you an edge, and it would help you understand and communicate better with Engineers.

    Are job titles extremely specific these days, or are they general?

    I spent 4 years at Asana and my title was always Designer, I did mainly product design. But that’s probably not the norm. I would say Product Designer and Communications Designer define better what either of those do.

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