• Jan Haaland, almost 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, Pedro! I'm Jan, the maker of Case Study Club.

    I completely agree... Case studies come in many different shapes and forms. Mostly based on intended use and audience.

    Since we’re discussing companies showcasing client work; I think it’s ok that their case studies are marketing material, angled towards prospective clients.

    On the other side, you can find long-format case studies posted on Medium and shorter-condensed versions found in portfolios.

    These are written by designers (like you and me). Their audiences are fellow designers eager to learn or design leaders looking to hire.

    In Case Study Club most of the featured case studies are the latter kind, sprinkled with occasional exceptional company features.

    Now... to answer your question; Yes, I do read case studies. To learn, grow and connect. Useful :)

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    • Pedro PintoPedro Pinto, almost 5 years ago

      I think most of the interesting Case Studies I've found were on Case Study Club. :) It's one of the newsletters that I usually open every week

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    • Paul MitPaul Mit, almost 5 years ago

      Jan, thanks for the comment, I've never met Case Study Club before, but I will read it, hope it will help us to create our own format for Case Studies. Is there any pieces of advice you can give? Thanks

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