• Mitch Samuels, almost 5 years ago

    My favorite tool for this has been raindrop.io. Nice UI, easy to organize, cross-platform. Before that I would just use the built in bookmarks feature on whatever site I was using, but I also wanted it all in one place.

    So now Raindrop is one window that's constantly open, and I throw everything in there and keep it well organized.

    But now that you have me thinking about Raindrop, I just looked at their Twitter and Android app. Twitter has been silent for months and the Android app hasn't been updated in a year, so those could be some bad signs. ugh.

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    • Pizza Yap , almost 5 years ago

      Raindrop.io is my favorite too because it has all the platform that I can jump here and there without any worries. It has a web app, mac and windows app, iOS & Android and extension for Chrome/Safari/Firefox/Opera!

      I don't need to worry when I switch browsers or devices.

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