• junjie shao, almost 5 years ago

    I had the same issue, that my collections were saved in so many different places (bookmarks, pinterest, dribbble, behance, evernote, etc.). While each of them serves their purpose and not really that one could or should replace another, still it could be frustrating trying to find the right content in the right place. Wouldn't it be nice if everything could be combined together? I mean, you still keep the accounts for each website/service, but have a central place to display everything altogether?

    That's why I made References.Design (right, this is a promotion :), a place where you can browse all the online contents together, as well as manage and show all your local images.

    It's actually still in early stage and haven't achieved the goals I set. But I guess it's better to start collecting other peoples feedback rather than hiding it for another 3 months. So, give it a shot and see if you'd like this concept?

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