What does success as Head of Design look like?

over 4 years ago from Rou Mills, Design at Names & Faces

  • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, over 4 years ago

    I detailed what that means in the three points in that section.


    Have a point of view, based on understanding of users, where the product needs to be

    Core product experience is solid. If not, its your job to advocate to fix "broken windows" before building new features.

    Explorations being done outside of perceived product direction.

    Its going to be an overlapping responsibility. Its the product after all. Design's responsibility is to advocate for user-centered decisions while still executing on business goals.

    Heres a good example: In a large company you might have many different teams working to meet their goals. They might all add in product discovery like a modal or alert or notification, etc. It all adds up to a terrible experience for the user. The head of Design needs to have that holistic picture and make the call that these need to be moderated and a system needs to be implemented.

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