Flinto vs. Principle in late 2018?

over 4 years ago from Simon Gustavsson, Designer at Heydays

  • Ariel VerberAriel Verber, over 4 years ago

    They're both pretty equal, and both not perfect. I stopped using them because I rarely need interactions so they were quite expensive for me, but here's what I think:

    First of all, they both suffer the same main problems (Correct me if anything has been fixed in the past year, I would love to know): lots of bugs, changes in design break everything, no support for all types of layers in sketch

    Other than that, these are the main differences between them:

    Principle -

    Pros: Easy to learn, has a timline, fastest way to create a prototype

    Cons: gets messy in larger projects

    Flinto -

    Pros: More organized, Better focus on specific animations

    Cons: no timeline

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    • Antonio Carusone, over 4 years ago

      When you make a change in Sketch, you can update the assets is Principle by reimporting the artboards. It will retain everything, as long as you don't mess around with the naming of things.

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      • Ariel VerberAriel Verber, over 4 years ago

        Changes can also be deleting a layer, or adding a layer. Adding two layers into a group. Etc... All of these are trivial changes that are usually chaotic in prototyping tools.

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