Principle for Mac, in 2018

5 years ago from Aidan Toole, Junior Designer

  • Michael G., 5 years ago

    I've been learning Principle with a goal of using it with Sketch to prototype long-scrolling rich media content - text, audio, video, photos, animations, etc. Principle feels like the most viable in pulling off what I want to do, I just wish it's drawing tools and editing tools had more to them. I'm also finding it tricky to decide when to use drivers and when to use page-to-page transitions to animate things.

    I really want InVision Studio to work to accomplish the same things, because I'd be able to push all the prototypes to our full InVIsion account, get comments, have devs use the Inspect tool, etc. It just doesn't have the scroll capabilities like Principle. I hope it works because for less complex stuff, Studio will definitely hold it's own against other apps like XD.

    I gave Framer X a look but I don't have the time to get so deep into React and coding stuff to really do what I want.

    Then, based on a thread I posted earlier today, someone suggested Webflow, and I'm now pretty excited to do some tutorials on that. I'm a UX designer, and while I don't concentrate on code or visual design in my job, I'm capable of both, and Webflow seems like it could be very intuitive in combining all three of those things.

    One last thought on Studio. I think you can probably simulate lots of animations based on scrolling by using hidden layers that trigger animations on rollover of those hidden areas. It's been several months, but I recall finding a way to do that.

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