How do you manage copy text in a huge application?

5 years ago from Andrei Urse, User Experience Designer

  • Pedro MC FernandesPedro MC Fernandes, 5 years ago

    I agree with this one. The designer is in the perfect position for that job. However, not everyone's good with words, and it can go wrong.

    At least, the UI designer should launch a solid base, provide button and nav copy, titles, body copy where it makes sense, between other bits, and telling the whole UX story. My technique is to embody the user's experience and let it go, flush the text and narrate. Starting it rough and incomplete in the wireframe. Making something more concrete in view design, and making a solid copy in the HTML phase.

    After implementation, the frontend offers the materials for a copywriter to complete where needed, live editing, and then for professional reviewers to sift in and perfect — translation and localisation professionals, ideally.

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