Sunrise for iPhone is out(

over 10 years ago from Julien Pelletier, Head of Product Design @Heetch

  • Aaron MoodieAaron Moodie, over 10 years ago

    The app looks great, I've not tried it as I don't use Facebook.

    @Jeremy L: Just some feedback on the Sunrise app site. There is no mention that this is a Google Calendar application, and that Facebook is required for login, which would be handy to know before downloading the app.

    Also, slightly odd that you chose Facebook auth for a Google Call app? What was your reasoning for this?

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    • Jeremy Le Van, over 10 years ago

      Thanks for your feedback Aaron.

      We wanted to keep the website very simple and have more detailed infos about on the App Store description as well as what the press mentioned.

      Agreed, the main reason was to keep the on-boarding very simple, but we are revisiting it and will add an alternative way to auth (email based) very soon.

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