What is your favorite prototyping tool?

almost 5 years ago from brian sheridan, Researcher

  • scott parsons, almost 5 years ago

    Paper prototyping is still useful at times, though with so many tools available which are so fast to use I quickly move digital.

    I still use omnigraffle for early clickthrough prototypes. It is still faster to use than the more modern software (Sketch, XD etc) for low-fi sketches to wireframes. At least in my opinion.

    For more complicated protoypes showing functionality I use HTML/CSS/JS. Most commonly I use Pinegrow as my code editor as it has great visual control for really fast prototype creation. You can build pages by dragging prebuilt components into a page and end up creating pages and sites lightning fast.

    For animations, I use a mix of HTML/CSS/JS and principle.

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    • Dexter W, almost 5 years ago

      I have Pinegrow. How would you say it's useful in prototyping between team members? I'm thinking about the components feature...which is more robust than Webflow because you can change properties.

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