• Shea LewisShea Lewis, 5 years ago

    Couldn't you just record using one of the hundreds of screen recorders and then put it in any of the built in video softwares and x600%?

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    • Gary Ajar, 5 years ago

      You can.

      But then you have to take into account that if you record the whole screen, even when you check your email or your bank account, your screen will be recorded.

      So you would have to pause and resume every time you go out of Sketch.

      Even if you somehow record only Sketch, you have to start editing out all those long periods when Sketch is open but you don't actively work on it, so nothing changed for a long period and it's just recording for nothing.

      And then you have to open the screen recording software and start editing the video and create a high-speed time-lapse. And so on..

      This plugin was created to save you from all of this.

      With this plugin, you just click Record and work as usual.

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