What is your favorite prototyping tool?

almost 5 years ago from brian sheridan, Researcher

  • Scott Liang, almost 5 years ago

    By "prototyping" do you mean high-fidelity screens with interactions?

    If so, I use Sketch + the native InVision integration for long workflows and Sketch + Principle for detailed interactions.

    Adobe XD recently got an update that includes a feature called Auto-Animate (https://helpx.adobe.com/xd/help/whats-new.html#AutoAnimate), which works much like the screen-to-screen animating found in Principle. I'm excited to try it out!


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    • brian sheridan, almost 5 years ago

      Yes, sorry. I do mean high fidelity screens with interactions. I haven't tried the new Adobe feature but it sounds like it could be a great feature judging by your link.

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