iPad Pro Design Tools

5 years ago from Norm Sheeran, Designer and Developer

  • Scott Liang, 5 years ago

    I've heard a lot of digital painters gush over Procreate. For some it can replace the Photoshop + Wacom tablet duo.

    I find the iPad Pro to still be quite far from a standalone UX/UI tool, but it's a wonderful companion device to my current workflow. In addition to the apps others have mentioned, some handy uses include:

    • Use as external display when on the go
    • Use as a replacement Wacom Cintiq with Astropad, great for the Pencil tool in Illustrator
    • Sketching ideas in Concepts (infinite canvas vector-based sketching app)
    • Binge watching Westworld


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    • BAKA .kidBAKA .kid, 5 years ago

      procreate is excellent, its one of the apps im using (mainly for colouring) the brushes built in are great, and you can add more in too! i also use clipstudio paint (which is the most full featured drawing app i have found, mainly for illustration, not so much painting)

      also love you last point - the screen makes for an amazing streaming device! haha

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