• Trev MorrisTrev Morris, over 4 years ago

    We use Sketch combined with some other products.

    Sketch + Invision for prototyping Sketch + Abstract for versioning Sketch + Zeplin for engineers

    With much time and effort invested in our design ecosystem, including various libraries, I can't see our team shifting away from Sketch for quite some time. The use of all these tools sometimes feels excessive, but I quite like have dedicated products for specific functions.

    For Figma, there's something stopping me from feeling comfortable about using it, I'm not sure what or why. As for XD. Absolutely no chance. Cut the ties with Adobe years ago, will not go back to their crazy subscriptions and feature-creep-susceptible products.

    Side note: Invision Studio - used once or twice, felt unbelievably laggy and buggy, attempting to do far too many things - wondered how on earth some of these designers are able to release videos of themselves building prototypes, but then realise they've been paid for doing so and have spent hours laboriously working through it. Too slow in the real world. And Framer X? Put off by code, don't have the spare time to learn how to effectively use it (I know, flogging a dead horse).

    Sketch landed on my doorstep in beta form when I was at Uni back in 2011. The ease and speed of learning how it works has enabled me to grow as a designer quicker than illustrator or photoshop ever could. The community, plugins and support has been a massive bonus.

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    • Michael Mladek, over 4 years ago

      Same bad feelings for Figma in our office. Starting with the name (in German it sounds like 'Fuck Sometimes'). The general UI is not really appealing to our designers and it seems somewhat dull.

      We still love the combination of Sketch + Zeplin. Especially after the disappointing releases of Invision Studio & Framer X

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      • Brandon Carson, over 4 years ago

        Their UI is also too small and super hard to read, at least for my astigmatism-laden eyes. The only sort of solution is to bump the font size up on the web version but its still far from usable.

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