• Matt KMatt K, over 4 years ago

    Sketch is here to stay, at least for a while. The plugin and integration ecosystems are so good, and the latest data plugins are a gamechanger.

    We've no interest in XD our company is transitioning away from Adobe products. For example Affinity Photo, which covers most of Photoshop's use cases, costs £17.50 a year, rather than £25 a month for a single app CC licence.

    I really like Figma, and use it instead of Sketch for my personal projects, but it has a few major issues which stop me considering it as a serious Sketch replacement at work. Firstly, there's no offline mode. Being able to design with no internet connection is vital. Secondly, the Figma Mirror app is appalling (though the Sketch app is pretty bad too).

    It's only possible to preview the current design, and prototyping and interactions are not supported. As cloud based software, I'd expect all my designs to be available through the app, and to be able to interact with the prototypes – this is not currently possible.

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