• Cory WilliamsCory Williams, 5 years ago

    Hi Denis, I used your program recently, worked a treat! The share and export functions are killer.

    I'm not sure if you're asked for feedback on improvements or not, but there were quite a few limitations in using the flow tool;

    • Length of labels are prohibitively short.

    • Sometimes it's challenging to remove connections between items, ie. adding a connection in both directions, often I had to delete the item and start again.

    • Would love to duplicate/copy user flows already created.

    On a side note, there are two minor spelling mistakes 'sign up' in your Example UF: https://app.flowmapp.com/share/a48f8a796863c8891bdccb2faba6d296/userflow/7385

    Looking forward to seeing what enhancements and improvements your team create in the future!

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