• Ignacio CorreiaIgnacio Correia, over 4 years ago

    Yes you should. I think teaching the Adobe Pack provides a better multi skills creative person. Learning an isolated software is not a good approach in my opinion. Also in a company with mix OS software like ours, we can't agreed with Skecth with an only MAC approach.

    And XD will get where we need to get. And Apple may buy Sketch and sunset it like it did with fireworks and freehand.

    Figma is an isolated product 2, a good do, but isolated.

    InvisionStudio didn't allow me to have early access so I just gave up on them

    Adobe in the other hand has been fantastic allowing us to have early access and beta version.

    We are in the process of launching 3 new extensions. Easy decision for me, really easy.

    For newbies is easier to learn a simpler software, and right now XD is simple but we know where is it heading with plugins and AI. Like I grew up with phosothop since 6.0 I will grow with XD since Beta.

    Just my opinion :)

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    • Marc Nothrop, over 4 years ago

      It was Adobe that acquired and killed Fireworks and Freehand.

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      • Ignacio CorreiaIgnacio Correia, over 4 years ago

        Thankfully in my opinion.

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        • JE LS, over 4 years ago

          Fireworks death was the cause of Sketch popularity in the first place. If they had kept Fireworks maybe it would still be a popular tool today But eventually a new more streamlined tool (Adobe or not) would have caused the UI software revolution we're seeing today

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