Modulz Kickstarter: A Visual Code Editor(

5 years ago from Kilian Valkhof, Founder @

  • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, 5 years ago

    I just backed this for $99... I think the reward of lifetime access + updates is absolutely incredible. I got very excited by the video on the kickstarter page - and I really hope this is a big success.

    I've unfortunately lost a lot of love for Framer recently because they seem to have gone a different direction, and it feels like it's aimed more at devs than designers who aren't great with code. So seeing this made me really rather excited as it seems to really shoot for the true problem of reducing the gap from design to development.

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    • Colm TuiteColm Tuite, 5 years ago

      Thanks Rhys, that's awesome!

      You're right, this is absolutely aimed at people who don't want to type code manually. It's crazy that we're still drawing static pictures of interactive components. It's so easy to produce a much more powerful output without sacrificing creativity!

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