Brutal design by Adidas(

5 years ago from Giulio Michelon, Founder @

  • Jason KirtleyJason Kirtley, 5 years ago

    Agree with Matt here. Retro design is cool when it harkens back to a time when design was cool or interesting. This web design time period was not one of those. The 90's were the lost soul of design, web design was trying to find it's voice in this new thing. This was a serious waste of budget for Adidas.

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    • djt mr, 5 years ago

      Current fashion trends mean this sits firmly in the 'cool' camp. Look at all the Balenciaga & streetwear aesthetic going on right now, it goes hand in hand with this.

      It is a bit try hard tho

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    • Matt Ritter, 5 years ago

      I wouldn't say it's a waste of budget. I highly doubt they're actually looking for a high conversion rate — or anything of the sort — with this project.

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