• Paul ArmstrongPaul Armstrong, over 4 years ago

    I've been in the design industry for about 25 years now. Through all of that time the fundamental conceit of the job — no matter what new title is used, information architecture, UI designer, graphic designer, pixelpusher — design is (overall) a commercial endeavor; it's making things for the purpose of commerce. Obviously design can and should be used to propel ideas (posters, websites, etc, etc); but overall, a career is made in the commercial part of design.

    One has to decide if there is any corporation or product that ultimately, in today's iteration of "free market" economics, doesn't just make the rich get richer. One also has to consider what is "good" and what is "beneficial"— what qualifies as good? Does working for a hospital or a health care provider qualify? Does working for a nonprofit? Or working for marketplace that creates income for others qualify? Given enough time, you'll be hard pressed to find many organizations, products, entities, apps, markets, etc, that don't eventually succumb to greed. That's just my observation.

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