• Emir BukvaEmir Bukva, over 4 years ago

    These are good questions for us all to be asking ourselves. A few thoughts that help me feel better when reflecting on my own work:

    • Knowing that companies with social causes exist. I work at a company that helps people in quitting smoking, walking more, and improving their well-being. The fact that it's a commercial business with a profit motive like all business doesn’t lessen the positive social impact its operations are having. There may be fewer of such companies around compared to companies with neutral or negative social and environmental impact but they do exist.
    • Learning that B-crops are becoming a thing. It’s a certification that evaluates "company’s operations and business model impact [on] workers, community, environment, and customers." Further along the lines of the notion that profit motive needs not be in direct conflict with positive social and environmental impact. There’s even job boards for B-corp-only jobs.
    • While I consider my company’s impact to be net positive, I do make apps and enjoy that work immensely. I’m aware that our products benefit those who can afford a smartphone or an computer with internet connection which still leaves out many folks who arguably could use help the most. I do my best to keep myself exposed to these issues in my local community and help where I can. Many folks for whom keeping up with what local governance is doing about issues isn’t enough choose to engage by becoming public employees, working directly in government, or working at non-profits. Of course, these are all individual choices. It’s unreasonable and counterproductive to expect everyone to be a teacher or a doctor. But we can all be engaged citizens, doing our civic duties, starting with our own communities.

    The industry would benefit for having a self-reflective individual like yourself around. Cheers!

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