• Sara Andrew, over 4 years ago

    You choose who you work for.

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    • Darren Treat, over 4 years ago

      This is sadly very arguable. Who you work for also chooses you and your ideal choices will probably not give you an offer back or may not be hiring, your worst choice may be your only offer. Then do you choose eating and experience that may help you later or working for a company that you disagree with?

      I had to do this in 2012, while fresh out of college I took a job at Staples. Politically I wasn't where I was today but I still aggressively did not support the (at the time) Political candidate, Mitt Romney. Mitt was a founder of the capital firm Bain capital and while he was no longer on the staples board, he was in fact still a holder of equity in the firm's investments. This meant that the company increasing in value and making a profit increased the anti-gay marriage, anti-choice presidential candidate's ROI. To this end he even held press conferences in Staples stores. Meanwhile the company was outsourcing more and more of my job as a tech to Indian-based firms. This was the only company that called me back at the time and I had student loans due. Sadly morality is locked to opportunity, few remember that making moral choices in who you work for is a luxury to most.

      Remember however, you can make daily choices to improve the world. In my case I would do my best to help make people's lives better beyond the requirements of the job I had. In some cases it possibly meant going against policies that existed for profit rather than actually helping customers in which case I had to pick and choose my battles, at the end of the day it matters.

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