• Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, over 4 years ago

    Product design could actually be incredibly useful for helping those who need it most. Our approach is focused on understanding people’s needs and problems and creating solutions right? This serves the underrepresented and ignored best.

    As others said, you don’t have to work for dodgy SV types, there are plenty of companies looking to improve healthcare (at least in the UK where I live), make finance more accessible for everyone, improve our politics, make education easier, more efficient and cheaper.

    It’s your choice who you work for.

    The skills you have will also be useful if you want to build your own products and help solve some of the products you see.

    Having said that, I know how you feel. I don’t think the problem is unique to product designers, a singificant percentage of us are working for companies that make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

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