My new portfolio is a single page, a single case study.(

5 years ago from Karl Weber, Designer & Developer @whatspast, building @cheddarapp

  • L W, 5 years ago

    The thing is, all these new features are great, but the reason why you don’t see them being implemented is because the browsers don’t support them well. You’ve got to find a way to make it work or at least gracefully degrade. It’s a red flag for me when someone isn’t too worried about a site not working well on the browser with 63% of the desktop market share. On top of that it’s your portfolio and people will judge you by it. Still, your clients are not web experts so they probably won’t know.

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    • Karl WeberKarl Weber, 5 years ago

      I mean, like I get that, but I think it's good enough on Chrome now. Web performance is very important to me. The whole thing was done in a rush over a weekend because I HAD to get a job, and I actually got a job because of it so... It worked.

      I also don't feel like I'm done with this page. More performance improvements and additional detail and interactive content related to the project are in the works. Keeping an up to date portfolio is super important, and I haven't tried it until now.

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